Who are we?

When there is, there are no boundaries for creativity; imagination is the only possible limit. He who creates, always finds an original way to overcome the circumstances, because the only boundaries of reality are those set by each person.

In LCI Incorporated, talent translates into the ability to search for new alternatives beyond what people are used to and find more creative ways to respond to current market requirements. In entertainment, our talent goes far beyond the feasible.

Since 1965, our main goal is to develop a solid company with a full scale operation, capable of meeting the right functions for the welfare of our customers and support its growth and consolidation.

LCI Incorporated offers specialized services in protection, needs detection and the best advice for safeguarding assets of individuals, private companies and government, through various services, such as: insurance and finance, Completion Bond, financing, leasing, investment, legal, administrative and financial consulting, consolidating confidence, while guaranteeing the tranquility and well being that the client deserves, plus supprt for international co-productions, distribution of films and documentaries and television in general.

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