Its goal is to provide administrative services to the producer, both accounting and financial, enabling compliance with its obligations to third parties (Tax, Accounting, sponsors, investors, etc.), optimizing available resources, with the following services:

 • Collection / Distribution revenue (Collection Account)
 • Audits related to the 226 Tax Incentive
 • Audits, tax, administrative, contractual, internal
 • Production and tax accounting together or separately
 • VAT refunds
 • Tax advice, foreign payments, royalties, among others
 • Outsourcing of personnel
 • Payroll administration
Furthermore, other benefits can be achieved, such as return on capital through the audiovisual industry incentive,PROMEXICO, in addition to the S.H.C.P. (Mexico´s Internal Revenue Service)  and hiring the Completion Bond. It is also possible to anticipate up to 70% VAT or audiovisual incentive to apply for the same project.

"When talent exists, there are no boundaries for creativity, imagination is the only possible condition."

Luis Carrillo E Izaguirre, (Founder,  1965).

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