LCI Guarantees


The Completion Bond (CB) is a financial tool that will guarantee the producer, co-producer, tax incentive contributor, public funds (FOPROCINE, FIDECINE, EFICINE) distributor, bank and other investors that the production will end in time and within budget.
If this does not occur, the Completion Bond, together with the producer of the film, will agree on specific measures in order to to achieve the completion of the film on schedule. In case any costs overruns what  the producer can cover, the Completion Bond will provide the resources needed to obtain the first print made or even the release of the film, to fulfill certain obligations.
In the event that the CB  provides resources for the film to be completed as planned, the CB will not get a percentage share of the project, but will recover monies from the exploitation of the film in the amount contributed to the completion of the project.
The Completion Bond is an important, professional tool for the film industry. Thus, the CB is the most effective means to protect and ensure investment in film productions.

Bonds: We operate all types of bonds such as compliance, advance, administrative, lease, fidelity, justice and pensions.

"When talent exists, there are no boundaries for creativity, imagination is the only possible condition."

Luis Carrillo E Izaguirre, (Founder,  1965).

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