LCI Insurance

We have 52 types of specialized copyrighted policies in all areas of entertainment, which cover the possible risks likely to occur during pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.
Shooting and Digital Recording Insurance
Encompasses films, short films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, straight to video films, animated films, cartoons, competitions, live and pre-recorded programming, series, reality shows, soap operas, etc.
Live Event Insurance
Includes concerts, theater, exhibitions, performances, ballet and other dance festivals, premieres, awards, parades, fairs, conventions, conferences, tours, product launches, promotional events, screenings, contests, grass-roots activations, advertising agency events, corporate events, social events , sports events, live broadcasts, etc.

Leasing Insurance

Covers camera and other related equipment, TV, lighting, audio, grand support, special effects, screens, projection, satellite communication, post production, computer equipment, electronic equipment, aquatic sports, amusement rides, back line (musical instruments and audio equipment), set design, props, furniture, scenery, clothing, rigging, etc.
Errors and Omissions Insurance
With this coverage the producers and exhibitors have the support they need when claims or demands arise from unintentional violation, infringement or interference with privacy or publicity rights, copyright or unauthorized use of titles, formats, ideas, characters, music, storylines, formats, character, performances by actors, title and script , among others.
Note that for the distribution of films in certain international markets this coverage is mandatory.


"When talent exists, there are no boundaries for creativity, imagination is the only possible condition."

Luis Carrillo E Izaguirre, (Founder,  1965).

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